The British Abraham Moon & Son fabric

Abraham Moon founded the company in 1837 in Guiseley, West Yorkshire. Ever since bales of raw wool have been arriving at the mill’s doorstep to begin the process of creating beautiful fabrics. Moon is now one of Great-Britain’s last remaining vertical mills, in other words, the entire process is being completed on one site.


Shetland wool comes from Shetland sheep, originally found on Scotland’s Shetland Islands. This wool is thicker than merino wool and it’s known for being durable and hardy. Sir John Sinclair already spread the word about Shetland wool around the mid-18th century: “the gloss and softness of silk, the strength of cotton, the whiteness of linen, and the warmth of wool.”

I bought these outfits from understated in the Utrecht. They have this extremely easy online service that we men love! After your first order, you can re-order any style they have on their website without having to visit any store. As long as you don’t change in shape, you don’t need to visit any store when you need something. Me? I’m constantly failing at trying to gain weight, story of my life..

In the Netherlands, at least 60% of the suits sold are made with Italian fabrics. This is not a fact, I came to this conclusion because the main suppliers of MTM suits  (L.B.M. 1911, SCABAL, The Makers, Zano, DECODE Tailoring, Corneliani, Munroe Tailoring and Canali) work  with Italian fabric. Only suppliers like DECODE Tailoring have a large range of English fabrics. 

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