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Jack Mangalie living his dream, everything is possible fom now on.

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We value everyone’s input, especially when they are committed to doing what they can to create, protect and perserve a bright future of educated, fashionable, stylish professional men and women!
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We envision a world where people feel safe about their lives, economy, rights and health. We fight for the abantu ubuntu culture where you and I are brothers and/or sisters and never enemies..
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Our mission is to eliminate discrimination by unifying Afrikan professionals with every professional in the world through styles designs, fashion, technology and events. Without your support, we are not able to carry on and fight.
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Battling Urgent Threats

HOE VIND IK MIJN TROUWPAK IN 1 DAG?? Voor ons mannen blijft het een uitdaging om de juiste trouwoutfit of een trouwpak te vinden die niet alleen goed past bij de outfit…
British Abraham Moon & Son
The British Abraham Moon & Son fabric Abraham Moon founded the company in 1837 in Guiseley, West Yorkshire. Ever since bales of raw wool have been arriving at the mill's doorstep to begin…
Britse Abraham Moon & Zoon
De Britse Abraham Moon & Zoon stof Abraham Moon richtte het bedrijf op in 1837 in Guiseley, West Yorkshire. Al sinds rauwe wol aan de voordeur van de hun molen komen om het…

Save Wildlife

The number of people who have taken action with us on our Save Wildlife campaign
Acres of forests are cleared every hour by forest fires, bulldozers, machetes etc.
Million hectares per year is the total world forest loss due to deforestation

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Building a Better Future

Help us safeguard the air we
breathe, the water we drink, and the places we treasure.


Battling Urgent

We envision the world where people feel safe about their lives, rights, and health. We fight for clean air, green forests, and a stable climate.

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Wildlife in Africa is under the threat of habitat loss and degradation, poaching and hunting. We do what we can to preserve nature and wildlife in Africa.

  • Our activists do what they can to fight animal degradation
  • We encourage you to help us prevent these tragedies in the future
  • Regular donations will help us carry on with the mission

Staying strong and united for our mission is important. Without your support, we are not able to carry on and fight for wildlife preservation. Spread the word so people know what you’re planning. Set up an event, send out invitations, and message everyone you know!

Our Actions

People & Planet

Wilderness & Biodiversity

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Fight for People & the Planet

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Forest Preservation

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Protecting the Climate

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Support Our Volunteer Program to Save Wildlife

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